Town of Bedford
24 North Amherst Road, Bedford, NH
ph: (603) 472-5242
Fire Inspection Services
Each shift maintains an Inspections District in which they perform Building Survey's and Life Safety Inspections. That information is then placed on Laptops that are in the apparatus for Preplanning purposes.

Typical inspection services provided by the Bedford Fire Department include, but are not limited to:
  • Fire and Life Safety Code compliance for commercial and residential occupancies.  
  • Heating systems  
  • Fire Alarm, Sprinkler system, and fire suppression systems  
  • New construction  
  • Childcare facilities  
  • Educational facilities  
  • Other inspections as permits require
At your request, the Bedford Fire Department staff will inspect unique situations for code compliance. The department is also willing to answer any and all questions from the public. These may include topics such as general fire safety, life safety, accident prevention, community wellness, and code research for the citizens of Bedford.

Contact us with your questions. (tel. 603-472-3219) or click here to send a request for inspection.