Town of Bedford
24 North Amherst Road, Bedford, NH
ph: (603) 472-5242
Public Bathing Facilities
Effective January 1, 2008 the town will assume the routine inspection responsibilities for all public-bathing facilities in town.  A public bathing facility is any pool or hydrotherapy spa that is not part of a single-family dwelling.  Even if a pool or spa is not open to the “general” public it may still be considered a public pool because it’s use is not restricted to the owner/occupant of a single family home or their guests. Currently their are 18 facilities that meet the criteria of a public bathing facility here in town. These faculties will follow the public bathing rules,   Public Bathing Rules:  Env-wq1100 , and the requirements of article 3-4 of Chapter 3 of the municipal ordinances. The facilities will be required to secure a yearly license for their operation.