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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a pistol/revolver license?
RSA 159:6 authorizes the Chief of Police of the Bedford Police Department to issue a resident of the Town of Bedford, upon completed application, a license to carry a pistol or revolver.  Applications may be obtained in the lobby of the BPD or a printable application can be downloaded here:   Pistol License Application

A $10.00 fee must be paid when picking up your license.  It will take approximately 14 days to process your application.  You will need a picture ID and proof of residency when you pick up your license.  No one else can obtain your license for you.  When issued, the license will be valid for a period of not less than four years and may be renewed during the license holder’s birth month.  The valid permit authorizes you to carry a firearm concealed while traveling within the Stat of New Hampshire with certain specific limitations.  

Do I have to register my firearms with the police?
No, you do not have to register your firearms with the Bedford Police Department. However, you should maintain complete records of the makes, models and serial numbers of any firearms that you own.

What does the "Brady Law" require?
The "Brady Law" requires any federally licensed firearms dealer to conduct a background check on individuals who intend on purchasing a firearm. This check must be done within five days from the date the purchaser completes a "Statement of Intent to Obtain a Handgun(s)" or "Brady form". In New Hampshire, gun dealers can obtain an "instant check" on a purchaser from the Department of Safety via telephone. If a further check is required, the dealer will contact the chief law enforcement officer of the police department where the purchaser lives. The local authorities will conduct the record check on the purchaser at that time, notifying the dealer of the purchaser's status before five days have past.

How do I have fingerprints taken?
The organization requesting fingerprints from you should supply a fingerprint card. You must bring the blank card(s) to the Dispatch window in the Bedford Police Department lobby on Saturdays between the hours of 9:00am – Noon.  You should bring two checks with you; one for the Town and one for the State (IF required).  The Town of Bedford fee is $15.00 for residents and $50.00 for non-residents and the State fee (IF assessed) would be $14.75 or $13.50 for volunteers.  The applicant will be issued a payment receipt and the officer will complete the fingerprinting process.

Do I have to register my alarm system with the police?

Who do I see to pick-up evidence or other property the police are holding?
Any evidence, found property or property held for safekeeping may be obtained by calling the Detective Division, Monday - Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM to schedule an appointment to have it returned. The department will hold evidence until all legal requirements are satisfied. Found property must be held for a minimum of 180 days in accordance with RSA 471-C:13. If the department is unable to locate the property owner or the finder of the property does not want it an auction will be held to dispose of it. Property held for safekeeping may be returned when the reason the police obtained it is no longer valid. We will make every effort to return property as soon as possible after it is no longer needed for police purposes.  Note:  Firearms seized under a Domestic Violence Petition or as the result of an arrest are returned per court order.

How do I obtain a copy of my criminal or motor vehicle record?
Official copies of your criminal or motor vehicle records may be obtained from the Department of Safety, 10 Hazen Drive Concord, NH. They are the central repository for these records. A fee may be charged. However, anyone may come to the Bedford Police Department and request a copy of their own local criminal record that we have on our files. This request must be made in writing and be accompanied with valid photo identification. You will receive a letter from us indicating that we have or have not had criminal contact with you in the past. The Bedford Police Department cannot provide you with a copy of your motor vehicle record.

How are Police Reports obtained, and how much do they cost?
Accident Reports, Incidents, and Crime Reports: can be obtained from the Records Department as soon as they become available. You may request the report in writing using the Records Request Form.  It can be found in the lobby of the PD or downloaded from the Town of Bedford, Police Department website.  When possible, reports that don’t require redaction can be emailed to the requestor.  If the report you are interested in obtaining is for insurance purposes or for a lawyer, you may prefer to have them request the report for you. Cash, check or money order are the only accepted methods of payment and are due at the time the request is made.   Costs for reports can be found HERE.

- Accident Reports: Accident reports are available within 15 days from the date of the accident. Once an accident report is available for release, the requesting party will receive the officer’s investigation as well as any written statements made by operators and witnesses relative to the accident.

- Incidents: An incident report or Dispatch Log is a very brief description of calls that officers respond to. An incident report is typically one page of information that includes the date and time of an incident, the location, and the name(s) of officer(s) who responded to the scene.

- Crime Reports: A crime report is the Police Department’s more thorough investigation of an incident that has been reported. If you are the victim in a crime, you may call the police department at any time to check on the status of your case. Whether or not a report can be released depends mostly on its status. For example, if a case is under active investigation or pending court, details will not be made available to the public.  Any replication photographs onto a CD will be charged $25.00 per CD.

- Arrest Reports/Discovery: If you need to obtain a copy of your arrest report, there are two ways of obtaining a copy. You may either have your lawyer request the report or you may contact the prosecutor's office at police headquarters. If you have retained a lawyer, he or she should be the one to request it for you.  If you are requesting a copy of your arrest report for yourself, you must do it in writing using the Records Request Form.

All reports are individually reviewed for release. Reports may not be released if there are suspects, accused, juvenile, or arrested parties mentioned in the report or if it is an open investigation or is a pending court case. Redacted/edited copies may be released in certain cases.  Any questions pertaining to the release can be answered by our records clerk.

How do I obtain a Domestic Violence Petition (DVP)/Restraining Order?
You need to apply at the District Court in your City or Town. The order must then be brought to the local police. Advocates are available to help with the process.

How is the protective order served?
The order can only be served in hand (in person) by a police officer. The order can be served at place of employment or residence. The order will be served as timely as possible. All reasonable attempts are made to locate the defendant. The petition is NOT IN EFFECT until served to the defendant. If problems arise prior to service being made, the plaintiff should contact their local authorities and advise them of the problem at hand. Service of the petition will be attempted at that time.

What happens if an address is not available for DVP service?
All unserved restraining orders that do not contain a valid address remain on file at the police station. Officers have access to these orders 24 hours a day should an address become available. The plaintiff is advised to notify the station of any updated information.

What do I do once a DVP has been served?
The temporary restrictions must be followed by the defendant and plaintiff until appearance in court. You need to appear in court on the date listed on the petition to address charges. The court then decides whether or not the order will continue or be revoked.

What if the DVP is not served prior to the court date?
The plaintiff must still appear in court on the specified date. A hearing cannot be held without the defendant's presence. The court may then issue a new court date and continue the temporary orders.

Can the police department check my vacant property while I am away?
You can request an officer check on your home while you are away (minimum of 3 days, maximum of 30 days) so long as no one is staying there in your absence (house-sitters, etc).  If the house is for sale we are unable to conduct vacant property checks.  You can access the Vacant Property Form online under Forms or pick one up in the lobby of the PD.  It must be submitted in person at the Police Department.  You must show an ID that shows you are an owner of the residence.  An officer will check once a day (barring any major incidents in Bedford that would prevent the officers from doing so.  Emergency calls will take priority.)

Can I request information under the Freedom of Information Act?
In New Hampshire, RSA 91-A known as the Right To Know Law, serves as the guideline for providing information similar to the Federal Freedom of Information Act.  The Bedford Police Department releases non-protected information to individuals, groups, and agencies as allowed by this statute. The Department has five days in which to respond to any such request.  In some cases the request can be filled immediately, in other cases where servicing the request takes longer, the information is provided as soon as it is available.  The Bedford Police Department has a multi-purpose Records Request Form available in the lobby and online HERE.

Is there a Winter Parking Ban?
Yes.  The Town of Bedford has a Winter Parking ban in Effect from November 1 to April 1.  No person shall park any motor vehicle on any public way between the hours of 12 midnight and 8 a.m. or at any other time in such a manner as to impede snow removal operations.  Parking tickets will be issued for violations.

How do I know if I need to hire a police detail officer?
Call the Police Department at 603-472-5113.    Advise of the times and location of the detail and what type of job it is - for example - construction job, block party, etc.   We will let you know if hiring an officer is needed.       

How do I go about hiring a police detail officer?  
Fill out the Detail Request Form found here:Detail Request Form (fillable form or printable) and email it or deliver it to the BPD.

How much notice is required to hire a detail officer?
Details should be booked a couple days before the detail is required.

What is the cost to hire a detail officer?
See the info on Police Department fees for services HERE

How do I cancel a detail officer?
To cancel a detail officer, call the Police Department at the above phone number.    If the cancellation is weather related, you need to call in at least an hour beforehand.    For any other type of cancellation, you need to call in at least 2 hours beforehand.  

Are there any considerations for residents with special needs?
Yes.  The Bedford Police Department suggests registering family members with special medical needs such as Alzheimers and Autism, etc.  Doing so allows the Department to have photographs and knowledge of conditions to assist with identification of residents who may wander or come in contact with police and be unable to verbally express their identity.  The "Medical Registration" form can be found on this website under “forms” and is useful for individuals with medical conditions, mobility impairment, or unique medical situations.  There is also a "Special Needs Awareness" form for cases such as children with Autism, sensory sensitivities, or special needs.  These forms should be updated annually.  

What do I do if I have been given a Bad Check?
Before the Bedford Police Department can investigate a Bad Check complaint, certain steps must be taken by the reporting party.  Each victim must first send a letter to the writer of the check stating the check was not honored and demand payment within 14 days time via certified mail with return receipt requested.  Second, the victim must be willing to prosecute the writer and agree not to accept any restitution before prosecution takes place.  The Bedford Police will not investigate a Bad Check  if the check was post dated, more than 60 days old, used to pay a gambling debt, if any partial payment for the debt was received, the check was written for less than $100 from an in-state bank or $500 from an out of state bank,.  Additionally, the Bedford Police will not investigate a Bad Check complaint if the check was returned with “Stop Payment” on it, the check was not presented to the bank within 10 days of receipt, the check is a government check, a third party check, a check that the victim accepted as payment for another Bad Check from the writer, is a payroll check with “Account Closed” or “Insufficient Funds” on it, or if the writer was not, and can not be positively identified as the person who passed the check.  For those who fail to meet the criteria for the Bedford Police Department to investigate a Bad Check allegation, they should seek a civil course of action in small claims court.  For those subjects who have a received a Bad Check regarding a payroll check stamped with “Account Closed” or “Insufficient Funds”, they should seek assistance from the NH Department of Labor.

What do I do if I am a victim of Identity Theft?
If you believe that you have been a victim of Identity Theft, you should take several steps to mitigate the damage.  First, report the incident to the local police department in which the theft occurred in, or if not practical, the police department you reside in.  Second, you should contact one of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies to file a “fraud alert” for your personal information.  The three companies consist of TransUnion (1-800-680-7289), Equifax (1-800-525-6285), and Experian (1-800-397-3742).  You will only need to notify one agency, as they have to notify the others by law,  There are two types of fraud alerts that you can file.  An “initial alert” is short term for 90 days, or en extended for 7 years.  These alerts will notify you of any new credit activity taking place using your personal information.  Third you should close any account that has been compromised, and monitor all of your other existing accounts.

How do I follow up on the status of my open case?
Do to the varied schedules of the detective or officer handling your case, it is often easiest to email them with your questions, updates, and concerns.  Please review the appropriate detective/officer email address on this site.  If this is not practical, you may call the Bedford Police Department business line (603-472-5113) and ask for the officer’s extension.  If you need immediate assistance, ask the dispatcher to speak with the next available officer.

How do I follow up on the status of my case that is awaiting prosecution?
For any questions regarding the prosecution of your case, please contact the prosecution secretary directly
(603-472-7163) Monday through Friday from 8AM -4PM (excluding holidays).  Be sure to have your case number ready for reference purposes.

I'd like to have a Block Party.  What do I need to know?
The first step:  Contact the Chief of Police's Executive Secretary and advise her of your intentions and details about your upcoming Block Party.  Next, become familiar with the following criteria:

1.  Per RSA 265:68 - Stopping, standing or parking is prohibited in specific areas;  both concern parking or leaving a vehicle, attended or unattended, in certain areas and on ways (roads).  Your activity must comply with the aforementioned statute so as to not restrict access to any private road or drive.

2.  Public Safety Access - No vehicles shall be parked or left unattended per RSAs 265:68 and 265:69; and no vehicle(s) or activities, equipment, or property shall be placed on the way so as to obstruct or impede the passge of any public safety vehicle.  Your activity must not restrict the passage of emergency vehicles, specifically the Bedford Fire Department (FD) apparatus and or FD emergency medical service equipment and or Police Department vehicles.

3.  Because the closure/blockage is likely to impact the residents in your vicinity, you must contact the affected residents and abutters to determine whether anyone on the street or vicinity is not in favor of the closure/blockage.  If any resident objects to having traffic restricted as planned, please notify the Chief's office, which will result in further review of your request.

4.  You should obtain traffic cones or other suitable warning devices to ensure traffic is safely redirected from your activity to avoid a collision.  This requirement does NOT imply or reflect authorization to obtain any traffic safety devices from any Town of Bedford Department, including the Dept. of Public Works, which shall at its discretion independently review any requests for such devices.  

Next, the Chief or his designated Police Department representative will review the request with you.  This matter will also be reviewed by the Bedford Fire Chief and Public Works Director, prior to final approval.  

What are the fees for reports, fingerprints, etc?

New Fee
Effective April 21, 2016
91-A Requests
$25.00 research fee (where applicable)
Quoted charge for requests beyond records currently available.
Resident – no charge
Non-Resident - $5.00/signature
Accident Reports
$20.00 for 15 pages/ $2.00 for each additional page
Arrest Reports
$20.00 for 15 pages/ $2.00 for each additional page
Offense Reports
$20.00 for 15 pages/ $2.00 for each additional page
Resident - $15.00
Non-Resident - $50.00
State Charge - $14.75 (Employee) or $13.50 (Volunteer)
Good Citizens Letter
Incident Report
Police Details
$70.00/hour with cruiser

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