Stormwater Management for Homeowners

Ready to learn how to manage stormwater on your property?  

  • What you do on your property could affect your neighbor. Avoid disputes.  Plan for water run-off.

Watch and learn from this useful video created by the Penn State Cooperative Extension.

What tools are available to manage stormwater on your property?

The NH DES publishes Soak Up the Rain - NH Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management with do-it-yourself options for managing stormwater.  

This video from PennState Extension demonstrates methods for stormwater management.  

Where can I learn more about my options for managing stormwater?

The UNH Cooperative Extension is an excellent resource for designing and installing rain gardens.   

The Extension can also help you determine what to plant on your property to manage stormwater.

These cut sheets may help too...

Dry Well Spec NH                                                            Rain Garden Spec NH 
Drey Well Spec PA                                                           Rain Garden Spec PA  

Drip Trench Spec NH                                                       Vegetated Swale Spec NH  
Infiltration Trench Spec PA                                              Vegetated Swale Spec PA

Downspouts Spec PA                                                       Vegetated Buffer Spec NH  
Rain Barell Spec PA                                                         Water Bar Spec NH

Pervious Pavement Spec PA