Hearing Impairment

Exemption for Deaf or Severely Hearing Impaired Persons (Chapter 72:38-B)

Exemption for Deaf or Hearing Impaired applications can be found HERE.

  • Must have 71-decibel average hearing loss or greater in the better ear as determined by a licensed audiologist or qualified otolaryngologist, who may rely on a visual means of communication, such as American Sign Language or speech recognition, and whose hearing is so impaired as to substantially limit the person from processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without amplification, so as to require the use of an interpreter or auxiliary aid.
  • Exemption applications must be filed or postmarked by April 15 of the application year. The application is permanent as long as you own your home or until your financial circumstances change. The Assessor(s) will review your application during subsequent tax years (5-year cycles) to determine the continuation of eligibility. You must notify the Assessing Staff if you no longer qualify because of changes in income or assets (subject to all applicable laws and penalties).  

The Bedford Assessors Office HIGHLY recommends calling ahead to schedule an appointment to review application documents and discuss questions: (603) 472-8104.

Income Requirement (2024)* 

Single:    $58,320
Married: $78,880   
* Figures are based on 4 times the 2023 Federal Poverty Level (amount subject to change annually).


  • Dividend/interest income

  • Social Security

  • Rental income

  • Support from others

  • Retirement/pension payments

  • Wages

The following is not counted as income:

Expenses and costs incurred in the course of conducting a business enterprise

Life insurance paid on the death of an insured

Proceeds from the sale of assets

You may be asked to provide a copy of your Federal and State income Tax returns.  

The review of bank accounts, investment funds, retirement accounts, etc. will also 
be required.


  • Net Assets (excluding the value of your actual residence) may not exceed $150,000. 

This includes:

  • Checking accounts

  • CDs

  • Savings accounts

  • Additional real estate

  • Stocks

  • Cars

  • Bonds

  • Expensive jewelry

  • IRAs

Land as an Asset
You can exclude the greater of up to two acres or the minimum zoning lot size for a residence in your zoning district. The remainder of the land is included in the $150,000 limit at the fair market value and not the assessed value. “Net Assets” means the value of all assets tangible and intangible, minus the value of any good faith encumbrances.

Residential Requirements
You must have resided in the state for at least 3 years and owned your home individually or jointly on April 1st in the tax year for which you are applying. If the real estate is owned by your spouse, you must have been married for at least 5 years. 

More information on credits and exemptions can be found HERE. To reach the Bedford Assessor's office, please call us during normal business hours: (603) 472-8104