Veteran's tax credit application can be found HERE.

Credits ranging from $500 in taxes to a total exemption of taxes are available for those meeting the requirements as set down by the State law. Copies of New Hampshire RSAs may be obtained from the Assessing Office.


The veteran must have been a New Hampshire (NH) resident for 1 year preceding April 1 of the tax year and owned the property on April  1.


  • Basic (Veteran, Spouse, Widow) (72:28) - $500
  • Service Connected Total and Permanent Disability [72:35-IV(a)] - $2,000
  • Surviving spouse of any person who was killed or who died while on active duty in the armed forces of the U.S. (72:29-a-I) - $2000
  • Total Exemption - Must meet all requirements under Chapter 72:36-a (Examples: double amputee, paraplegic, or blindness in both eyes as a result of service-connection and who owns a specially adapted homestead acquired with VA assistance).