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Who Needs Building Code Compliance?

We all need code compliance, whether in our homes, offices, schools, stores, factories, or places of entertainment. We rely on the safety of structures that surround us in our everyday living. The public need for protection from disaster due to fire, structural collapse, and general deterioration underscores the need for modern codes and their administration.
Or you may have this happen to you!

The framework and electric outlets of a house being built

GENERAL REMINDER TO ALL PERMIT APPLICANTS:  Both the Town Zoning regulations,    § 275-85 B, and the current building codes prohibit any work requiring a permit being started, including excavation for foundations, without a permit first being issued. Starting work without a permit is subject to a fine as outlined in §92-11.  


The Bedford Building Department is a division of the Bedford Fire Department and is located in the Safety Complex at 55 Constitution Drive on the 2nd floor. Since we are located in a separate location from the Town Offices, it means that property records are only temporarily located with us while projects are under construction.

Locating Building & Building Related Documents

To help determine which location you should visit when searching for septic, building permit or building plan records please consult this flow chart (PDF).

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