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Updated 3/27/2020 4:01 PM
In response to the ongoing emergency pandemic situation any permits issued by the Bedford Building Department between 09/17/2019 and 11/17/2019 that are in good standing shall not be subject to permit renewal fees if they expire prior to May 15, 2020.

Until further notice, the Bedford Fire, Building and Health administrative offices will be closed to the public.  Staff will still be working out of these offices, permits will continue to be issued and inspections will be done.  Due to these changes, the procedure for permit issuance & acceptance will temporarily change.

BUILDING, SIGN, DEMOLITION, SEPTIC & SWIMMING POOL APPLICATIONS – PERMIT ACCEPTANCE: Please submit completed permit applications, two sets of plans, plot plan and any other necessary documents to the drop box located in the main lobby of 55 Constitution Drive. These documents are also accepted via email to  or fax to 603-472-4565. You will be notified via phone when your permit is ready for pickup and the amount of your permit fee.  Permit applications are available at

ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, MECHANICAL, GAS, LOW VOLTAGE PERMIT APPLICATIONS – Permit applications are to be completed & submitted at the Bedford Safety Complex or online (see below).  Please provide a valid email address so we may contact you, or if you have any questions please contact the Bedford Building Department at 603-472-3838. Payment may be submitted into a secure drop box in the lobby or by mail(cash & check only). A copy of the permit and receipt of payment will be emailed.  EMERGENCY ELEC, PLUMB, GAS, MECH & LOW VOLT PERMITS FOR DURATION OF STAY - AT - HOME ORDER  Please send photo of license in with completed application

INSPECTIONS – The staff will continue to perform inspections as the situation permits.  The current criteria being followed is:

  • Projects are being requested to "bundle" their inspections as much as possible to reduce repetitive daily visits to the project.
  • At all inspections the contractor shall be responsible for ensuring the inspector has an appropriate social distancing area from all other individuals at the time of the inspection.

These services are subject to change depending upon status/location of positive coronavirus individuals in Bedford. 

FOOD SERVICE & POOL LICENSE RENEWALS – Please drop off completed & SIGNED permit applications, additional documents and fees (payable by cash or check) to the drop box in the main lobby of 55 Constitution Drive. Applications can also be submitted via email at, or faxed to 603-472-4565. If email or fax method is utilized please MAIL payment to The Bedford Health Department, 55 Constitution Drive, Bedford, NH 03110. Please ensure you reference your establishment license number or address with the payment. Your Food License will be mailed (if you would prefer email please include an email address). We ask you sign and return via mail, email ( or fax (603-472-4565) a signed copy of your license.

Who Needs Building Code Compliance?

We all need code compliance, whether in our homes, offices, schools, stores, factories, or places of entertainment. We rely on the safety of structures that surround us in our everyday living. The public need for protection from disaster due to fire, structural collapse, and general deterioration underscores the need for modern codes and their administration.
Or you may have this happen to you!

The framework and electric outlets of a house being built

GENERAL REMINDER TO ALL PERMIT APPLICANTS:  Both the Town Zoning regulations,    § 275-85 B, and the current building codes prohibit any work requiring a permit being started, including excavation for foundations, without a permit first being issued. Starting work without a permit is subject to a fine as outlined in §92-11.  


The Bedford Building Department is a division of the Bedford Fire Department and is located in the Safety Complex at 55 Constitution Drive on the 2nd floor. Since we are located in a separate location from the Town Offices, it means that property records are only temporarily located with us while projects are under construction.

Locating Building & Building Related Documents

To help determine which location you should visit when searching for septic, building permit or building plan records please consult this flow chart (PDF).

State Septic system records research

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