Permit Processing Time

Certain permits, such as building, swimming pool, septic, sign, shed, etc., are not issued upon demand. All permit requests must be reviewed for both building and zoning compliance. Permits are processed as quickly as possible and in the order in which they are accepted.

Processing Time Factors

Processing time is affected by many factors. Such as:
  • Completeness of the applications
  • Individuals requesting meetings with the inspectors
  • Inspector training and vacations
  • Number of applications currently in the review queue
  • Number of inspections each day
  • Number of phone calls needing to be returned
We understand your project is important to you but we ask you understand all of the other applications we receive are just as important to the other applicants. However all of these factors control the amount of time staff has to review permit applications.

Statute Limits on Processing Times

New Hampshire statutes do limit the amount of time we have to act on your application.

Chapter 676 - Administrative and Enforcement Procedures

  • 676:13 Building Permits Restricted.
    • I. The building inspector shall not issue any building or occupancy permit for any proposed construction, remodeling, or maintenance, which will not comply with any or all zoning ordinances, building codes, or planning board regulations, which are in effect.
    • II. If any building inspector is prosecuted for violation of RSA 643:1 and found guilty of issuing any permit contrary to the provisions of this section, it shall be prima facie evidence that the building inspector has knowingly refrained from performing a duty imposed on the building inspector by law.
    • III. The building inspector shall adopt a form or set of standards specifying the minimum contents of a completed application for any building permit. Upon the submission of a completed application, the building inspector shall act to approve or deny a building permit within 30 days; provided, however, that nonresidential applications or residential applications encompassing more than 10 dwelling units shall be approved or denied within 60 days.

ICC Plan Review

The Building Department reserves the right to require ICC plan review if, in the department’s opinion, the project is beyond the abilities of department personnel to perform the plan review. Such a review must be completed prior to application for a building permit.