Required Inspections

The inspections listed below shall not limit the type or frequency of inspections the department may deem to be prudent to ensure complete code compliance.

Above Ceiling

  • Ceiling grid installed and all fixtures in place before all tiles are installed.


  • Must be operational with all safety devices in place.
  • Technicians service tag verifying start up adjustments have been performed.

Certificate Of Occupancy

  • As-built certified plot plan with wet stamp as required by Zoning Ordinance 45-13-3 (b) submitted prior to the inspection request
  • Building Inspectors Acceptance
  • Department of public works sign-off of driveway and curb cut
    • Submit your request to the Department of Public Works at a minimum 1-week prior to CO inspection
  • Fire Department Acceptance
  • Impact fees paid prior to the request for Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Inspection (new residential).
    • Fees must be paid by bank or certified check - no personal checks.
  • Planning/Zoning acceptance (where applicable)
  • Current Water Test - must be original (no copies or faxes)
  • Septic System Approval for Operation or Sewer Connection Acceptance


  • At throat with first flue tile set

Footings (Prior to Concrete Placement)

  • Forms complete and in place
  • Reinforcing steel in place supported by approved "chairs" or suspended by wires to ensure steel is in center 1/3 of footing.
  • Provision has been made for connecting electrical service to footing steel as required by electrical code
  • It is preferable the steel be brought up through the foundation so the connection may be made above grade after the foundation has been poured

Foundation Prior to concrete placement.

  • Wall forms are complete, rebar is installed according to plan, UFER ground is visible above the wall. 


  • Certified Plot Plan is submitted to Building Department prior to inspection as required under Zoning Ordinance §275-85-D(2). The plot plan shall include:
    • Dimensions of foundation
    • Distances to all setbacks
    • Setback locations required by Zoning/Planning regulations
    • Wetland locations
  • Prior to backfilling, all items are to be in place (includes footings, frost walls, piers, damp-proofing, foundations drains and filter fabric).
  • Sanitary facilities must be provided on job site.
  • Street number (not lot number) must be posted and readily visible from street.
  • New home construction and all commercial renovation/new construction shall be required to have a dumpster/receptacle on the construction site to accommodate all construction and demolition debris. Debris is to be hauled by a licensed commercial hauler for disposal. (Cross-reference: Town of Bedford Transfer Station Rates and Rules Effective January 1, 2000. Bedford Transfer Station does not accept construction and demolition material/debris from commercial haulers).

Frame, Rough Plumbing & Rough Electric

  • Leak test on DWV system
  • All nail plates installed,  with a test on water lines
  • Electrical receptacles are "made up" and wires are secured
  • Roof complete with finished roof covering and all exterior doors and windows installed per the manufactures instructions for flashing

Gas Lines / Gas Tank

  • Buried lines before backfill (backfill material must be on-site)
  • Gas tank in place with fill material on site (no fill around tank)
  • Interior lines with air pressure at time of inspection with all stops and caps in place


  • Must be weather-tight with completed exterior finish
  • Fire caulking and draft stops are in place

Permanent Electric Service

  • Exterior of building 100% complete
  • Panel interior exposed, ground rods visible or connection to footing steel, and a GFCI service outlet at the panel

Septic System

  • In-kind: basal inspection and final inspection NOTE: Installer must provide a sketch of the re-installed field showing field size and location with two dimensioned tie points to the structure.
  • New system: basal inspection only
    • Please note, for a basal inspection organic matter must be removed and area free of vehicle tracks, smearing and silt. Pump systems require an electrical permit and inspection.

Sono Tubes/Piers

  • Prior to placement of concrete for verification of depth

Underground Electrical Service Conduit

  • Conduit in place, sand for burial on site and marking tape available