Operations & Training


The Bedford Fire Department's first priority is saving lives. If our firefighters know someone is inside a burning building, their first action will be to try get that person out as safely and as quickly as possible.

Top 3 Priorities

Our top three priorities when it comes to managing any emergency are:
  1. Life Safety
  2. Incident Stabilization
  3. Property Conservation

Damage Control

Firefighters are trained to do the least amount of damage possible while fighting a fire or managing a motor vehicle accident. If we should have to break windows or cut holes in a roof, we are only trying to remove superheated gases so that we can get inside and put out the fire.

Work Shifts

Within your fire department we have 4 shifts that are on a rotating schedule that protect the community 24/7. Each shift conducts basic Fire and Life Safety Inspections within their assigned district. Additionally, each shift takes on tasks such as Water Supply Maintenance, Emergency Medical Service Management and Training. Your fire department prides itself on preparation and professionalism.

Other Types of Assistance

The Bedford Fire Department is not only there to help while things are burning, but they can also answer questions in regards to:
  • Car seat information
  • Fire Department events
  • Open burning

Special Needs

Let the Fire Department know if your household has special needs or response information by filling out the Special Needs Application (PDF) and emailing it to us.