Tax Collection & Vehicle Registration

                        Current Property Tax Rate: $20.40

The historical breakdown of the Property Tax Rate can be found on the Tax Rate History link to the left. 



The Preliminary Tax Bill due date was July 2, 2018.  Interest is now accruing at 12%. 

If you have made a prepayment, it has been applied to this bill.  Your Preliminary Tax Bill will reflect the total prepayment on this bill.  Any remaining prepayment will be applied to the Actual Bill produced in the Fall.


Mission Statement

The Tax Collector is responsible for the timely notification of the annual tax rate, mailing of semi-annual tax bills and collection of tax revenues.


Property Taxes and Liens

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of Citizen Self Service! This program will provide additional property tax information that was not previously available online. In addition, our payment vendor for these transactions (Value Payment Systems) allows more payment options than previously available. 

Credit card payments for property tax online payments are subject to a 2.45% convenience fee with a $3.95 minimum, debit cards are subject to a 1.5% convenience fee, while ECheck payments will be subject to a $.50 flat fee. For more information regarding accepted forms of payment and fees click here.

    Pay/View Property Taxes and Liens


Fees, Records, and Vehicle Payments

For Motor Vehicle renewals, you will need your plate number, last 4 of Vehicle ID Number, and plate type (e.g. "PASS").  

Process your Motor Vehicle, Dog Fee, and Vital Record payments online by clicking the link below. Credit card payments for these transactions are subject to a 2.95% convenience fee with a $1.95 minimum, while ECheck payments will be subject to a $.40 flat fee.  

     Pay Motor Vehicle Renewals, Clerk Services, and Dog Fees


Estimate Vehicle Registration Costs

 You can now estimate registration costs online!
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