Public Service Announcements

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an announcement intended to provide a service to the public. PSAs provide information about a non-commercial service in the public interest, announcements of upcoming public events or safety information. Only non-profit or not-for-profit organizations, educational, and government agencies may place a PSA on the Community Bulletin Board (CBB).

Groups Who Can Submit a Request

Non-profit organizations, not-for-profit groups, educational agencies, and government agencies may use BCTV's bulletin board for public announcements.

Submission Deadline

A PSA should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Options for Submission

  • Complete our online form.  If you'd like to have any images included on your slide, please attach them to an email and send them along separately to to be included with your online form submission.
  • Email a PowerPoint Slide.

Power Point Specifications

  1. Create a slide in PowerPoint from scratch
  2. Email your slide as an attachment:
    • Include information in a condensed format (what, where, when, and how to find more information).
    • Use Landscape for your slide orientation, Standard Design Size and use a font of 24 point or larger.
    • Avoid using Red.
    • Do not copy a PDF or JPEG flyer or notice into PowerPoint as your slide. The information must be generated directly in PowerPoint.
  3. Include contact information
  4. Email the PowerPoint

Other Important Information

  • All Political Campaign Messages are prohibited.
  • Announcements for businesses or 'for profit' are prohibited.
  • Please DO NO submit Press Releases or PDFs.
  • Please remember to keep information brief.

More Information

For questions, please call BCTV at 603-472-8288.