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Plumer Headshot 2016
Scott M. Plumer
Bedford Police Department
  Bedford, New Hampshire

Lieutenant Scott Plumer has been a police officer since 1995 and has been employed by the Bedford Police Department since June 2000. He was a Field Training Officer prior to being promoted to Sergeant in July 2003 and was promoted to Lieutenant in February 2013. He has been the Commander of the Communications & Records Division since 2013.  In addition to being in command of the division he is a shift Watch Commander.  He can be contacted via email by clicking HERE.

Communications Center

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Communications Specialists answer all calls for service and “dispatch” the resources and personnel necessary to investigate crimes, mitigate life-threatening events and protect the community. Communications Center personnel also provide support services for the responding agencies, record times, process paperwork, and coordinate with outside agencies for additional resources that may be needed.

Bedford Communications monitors 2 dedicated 9-1-1 lines, multiple business lines and radio frequencies and provides back-up Communications and Dispatch for other area centers in the event their communication capabilities are lost. If a criminal event, medical emergency or fire is in progress (any event in which there is a threat to life, community, or property), dial 9-1-1. These calls are routed through the NH Emergency 9-1-1 Centers then directly to our communications center for dispatch.  If an event is non-emergent, with no threat to life, community or property, call our business line at 472-5113. Follow the prompt for Communications, where you will be directed to a communication specialist who will process your call.  If you have a general, non-emergent question or concern that does not require immediate attention, consider sending an email to This email will be answered and responded to in a timely fashion. EMAIL SHOULD NOT BE USED IN THE EVENT OF A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY UNLESS IT IS YOUR ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. Phone calls allow us to monitor an on-going situation and update responders who are responding to assist you.

In 2013 the communications center was awarded a matching federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security to upgrade communications infrastructure.  The pictures below are a before and after look at the renovation.

             Old Dispatch Center 2            Old Dispatch Center 1

New Communication Center Console

                                                        Records Division

The Records Division serves to provide access to Bedford Police Department generated records.  These records consist of accidents***, closed case arrests, incidents (burglary/theft/vandalism, etc.), dispatch logs, and other miscellaneous case reports.  Utmost care is taken to ensure that these records are maintained and disbursed appropriately according to Department policy and any applicable laws.  This division also processes pistol license applications, RSA 91-A (Right to Know) requests, and parking tickets.

Requests for reports cannot be taken over the phone.  The public can request closed/approved offense and arrest reports that they were involved in by using the Records Request Form (available under the Forms tab or by picking up the form in the lobby).  They can be mailed in or dropped off in person at the PD at any hour of the day.  Due to the volume of report requests, these reports are not available “on-demand”.  Every effort is made to release reports in a timely manner.

Cash, check or money order are the only accepted method of payment and are due at the time the request is made. Fees for these requests can be found  HERE.  The Bedford Police Department has gone “paperless”. So when requesting a report the department asks that you submit your email address whenever possible to have the report sent to you electronically.   

***As of June 16, 2017 Governor Sununu signed HB 437 allowing law enforcement to release motor vehicle accident reports and records again!  Anyone looking to get copies of MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT REPORTS must request this report using the Record Request Form that is available in the lobby of the Police Department 24/7, or here on our website under the "Forms" tab.  There is a $20.00 fee for reports that must be submitted with the request.  We take cash and check only.  The report will then be emailed out to you as a PDF when it is completed and approved.  Only individuals involved in the accident (drivers, passengers, vehicle owners, or property owners with damage) are entitled to the report.