Bedford Police, N.H. patchWilliam G. Thornton
Bedford Police Department
Bedford, New Hampshire

The Bedford Police Department prosecution unit is comprised of an attorney and a paralegal. The primary mission of the unit is to bring to court and prosecute all violations and misdemeanors In the Circuit Court as well as felony probable cause hearings. It is also responsible for prosecution of all juvenile offenses.

Attorney William Thornton is a New Hampshire native who has been practicing law for 38 years. He has been prosecutor for the Bedford,  New Hampshire Police Department for the past 10 years. He is also a retired Major from the USAR.

Any questions relative to discovery or court-related matters should be directed to Prosecution at 472-7163. You can also contact the prosecutor via email at: 


Witnesses that have received subpoenas to appear at court should contact the Prosecution Department the day before court. Witnesses should call in order to determine whether the case is still proceeding to trial.