About Us

What is BCTV?
Bedford Community Television is Bedford’s local community access television station.  You can view BCTV programming on four different channels.  Channel 16 is for public programming; Channel 22 is for government programming,  Channel 23 is for school related education programming and school board meetings.   You will find a variety of public, education and government programming on our HD Channel 1072.

Live streaming programming and Video On Demand for all three channels can be viewed through the station’s website at www.bedfordtv.com  

A cable franchise agreement between the town and the local cable provider provides funding for the station’s operation.  No tax dollars are used to fund the station.

What is the Mission of BCTV?
The station’s mission is to provide a forum for access to, and awareness of, public, education, and government community information.

Who can Use the Station?
Use of the BCTV facilities and equipment are free of charge to community members.  Community members include residents of Bedford, town and school employees, and non-profit community organizations located in Bedford.  Members of non-profit community organizations who are not Bedford residents may participate in organization sponsored productions only.

What types of programs are show on BCTV?
Community television stations are normally referred to as “PEG Access Stations” and there is a reason for this.  It refers to the type of programming.

Public:  This is non-commercial programming produced by community residents; non-profit organizations, and other community television stations throughout the state, region and country. This programming is designed to inform and entertain viewers on various topics of interest.

Education:  This is non-commercial school related education programming focusing on classroom, theater, and school sports related programming.  State, regional and national school related education programming is also scheduled on the channel.  All school board meetings fall into this category.

Government:   This is non-commercial local government programming.  All town government meetings are broadcast live and then rebroadcast for later viewing.

Public Service Announcements (PSA): are also part of the Station programming.  The BCTV Bulletin Board runs on all three channels with informational announcements and event notices.  Only non-profit or not-for-profit organizations, educational, and government agencies may place a PSA on the Community Bulletin Board.  Click here for the PSA Guidelines. 

Who produces these programs?

Programming is either produced or recorded by BCTV Personnel or community volunteers who have been trained by Station Personnel. Programming is also shared between community access centers or by independent producers who wish to have their programs air on BCTV.

How can I get involved?
There are many ways to participate in community television.  You can be a producer, a host, a camera person and editor, a director or an endorser of a program or series of programs.  Click here for the BCTV Policies and Procedures.

How do I get trained?
Contact BCTV to schedule training.  Training can be one-on-one or in small groups.  Volunteers will first be trained on proper video & audio techniques and then they will learn how to edit.  For advance producers, studio control room training will also be available.  If you would like to host a program, the BCTV Personnel will assist you in producing your program.

How do I get started?
Contact us by calling 603-472-8288 or email bctv@bedfordtv.com.