About Us

What is WBNH-LP Radio?
WBNH-LP 105.1 is the low power FM radio station that is owned, licensed to and operated by the Town of Bedford, NH.   The Town of Bedford, as owner and licensee of WBNH-LP, determines in its sole discretion, appropriate content for broadcast in accordance with FCC rules and Regulations.

What is the mission of WBNH-LP 105.1?
The WBNH-LP 105.1 radio shall provide timely and accurate emergency information and programming that is entertaining and educational for the benefit of people living and working in Bedford, NH.

Who can use the facilities and equipment of WBNH-LP 105.1?
Use of WBNH-LP 105.1 is available for Bedford Residents, town and school employees and non-profit community organizations.  Use is defined and outlined in the WBNH Policies and Procedures
(Programmer’s access and use of studio facilities, air time, broadcast, and/or transmission facilities shall be in the complete and sole discretion of Licensee.)

Public Service Announcements (PSA):
Non-profit and Not-For-Profit organizations can submit public service announcements to be aired on WBNH-LP 105.1.  These announcements can publicize the organization or an event the organization is holding.   Representatives from the community organizations are welcome to visit the studio and record their own PSAs. Submit your request by emailing wbnh@bedfordnh.org or by calling 603-472-5242 ext. 293.  (ONLY non-commercial Public Service Announcements are allowed - All Commercial Programming is Prohibited.)

For More information about WBNH-LP 105.1 or questions about volunteering:
Contact us by emailing wbnh@bedfordnh.org or call 603-472-5242 ext. 293.