"The Bedford Police Department is arguably one of the best trained Departments in the region." - Chief John Bryfonski

The Bedford Police Department provides the highest quality recruit, initial, and in-service training to all employees sworn and non-sworn. The Bedford Police Department Training Program ensures all sworn members receive and maintain certification as law enforcement officers in the State of New Hampshire.     

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In addition, the Bedford Police Department establishes an Annual Training Curriculum that sets forth the required training to be provided each calendar year as part of the Department’s In-Service Training Program.

We also provide and maintain initial and re-occurring In-Service Training to all civilian employees.

The Bedford Police Department provides its employees with timely, complete and relevant training, in order that all employees will be equipped to perform all assigned tasks with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness.  This is done in accordance with all applicable NH RSAs, NH Attorney General’s Office guidance, Federal law and the best accepted law enforcement practices as defined by national, state and local law enforcement accreditation agencies, associations and law enforcement professionals.