Town Moderator Announcements

Bedford Town & School Elections

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

7:00am - 7:00pm - Bedford High School Gym 

  •  Your Bedford Election Team will be prepared to welcome voters at the High School on March 9, 2021 . Everyone in the gym and adjacent areas of the school will be required to properly wear masks. Registered voters should enter through the Main Gym entrance at the rear of the high school. Those who need to register to vote, should look for signage directing them to a door around the corner from the gym entrance. While we hope everyone will respect the Governor’s and School mask policy, as required by the State, an alternate voting area in the lobby of the Lurgio Gym entrance will offer a regular voting experience for unmasked voters. If necessary, unmasked voters can register there as well. Please bring your photo ID and necessary “paperwork” if you need to register to vote at the polls.  Most of your election question can be answered by visiting the Election Information page here. I urge you to review the sample ballots prior to coming to the polls. The three-page Town ballot includes seven questions, as well as two contested races. The School ballot is a single page, with four candidates running for two openings on the School Board, and four questions.              -Bill Klein Bedford Town & School Moderator