Town Moderator Announcements

Pre-Processing Absentee Ballots 

General Election November 3, 2020
8:30am - Bedford High School Cafeteria


  • OFFICIAL NOTICE - Partial Processing of Absentee Ballots - October 31, 2020
  • 10/26/2020 Bedford Voters Your Bedford election officials have been working for months to prepare for the November 3rd General Election. Thousands have completed the absentee ballot process, clearly the largest number ever. Due to Covid safe strategies, and a large turnout, voters might find it will take longer to vote in person than in prior elections. Voters who do not want to wear a mask, will again have the walk-thru tent option. All others who enter the high school will be required to properly wear a mask - this is respecting their fellow voters and poll workers safety, as well as our student and staff returning to school the following day. To help control the number of people in the building , we ask that parents try to find care for their children while they vote. The traffic pattern will be nearly the same as we have been doing. Clockwise around the school, with handicapped parking outside the gym entrance. The primary change on the roads, is that Nashua Road will be one-way (out towards Wallace Road beginning at Gage) to maintain a smooth traffic flow out of the high school exit. All cars exiting the high school will turn right on to Nashua Road, or go straight across onto County Road. Vehicles can then navigate back to Rt 101 if desired via Liberty Hill and Meetinghouse (from County) or from Nashua Road to Wallace. If you want to plan your ride, I suggest you go to the website and search: "street map" to assist you. I have included our newest Poll Diagrams to help you navigate your visit. Those that voted at the recent primary, will note one change ... those parking in the back, near the gym entrance, will be able to exit back thru the hallway toward the gym entrance, and exit through the rear cafeteria door. Dress for the weather, and cast your vote on November 3rd! Bill Klein, Bedford Town Moderator