Clean Up Bedford - CUB Day


The 1st Annual “CUB” Clean Up Bedford Day was held on Saturday, April 17 2021 to clean up Bedford roads. This day was open to Bedford residents and many organizations, plus students for Bedford schools.

Roadside trash was collected in blue bags and disposed of at the Transfer Station . The “CUB” program gave everyone an opportunity to spend the day outdoors and was a great way to make our community a cleaner place.

We would like to thank everyone who participated to help keep our community clean! There was a total of 2,570 lbs. of trash collected. What a great success!

Please, visit our Town's Facebook page to see a short video of one of the loads of trash being disposed of at the Transfer Station. 

Two of Bedford High School students who participated in CUB Day, on Saturday April 17th, on North Amherst Road by Perry Road.