I have just moved to Bedford from out of state. What do I need to register my cars?

- Residency:

  • Post marked mail
  • Warranty deed
  • Closing documents
  • Lease agreement
  • Notarized letter from property owner (if home is owned)
  • No residency needed if you have a valid NH ID, issued within 60 days.

- Current out of state registration and ORIGINAL TITLE if you hold title to the vehicle. If you do not hold your title we will need the full name and address of your lien holder and/or lease agreement. 

- Current mileage. 

- The date of your purchase

- If there is more than one owner on your title, both owners will need to sign the title application that we will print.

**You must get a NH license within 60 days of moving to NH. 

Per RSA 261:148, we are required to see a government issued photo ID for anyone coming in to register a vehicle, regardless if the vehicle is under your name or not. 

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1. I have just moved to Bedford from out of state. What do I need to register my cars?
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