How do I obtain a pistol/revolver license?
RSA 159:6 authorizes the Chief of Police of the Bedford Police Department to issue a resident of the Town of Bedford, upon completed application, a license to carry a pistol or revolver in NH. Applications may be obtained in the lobby of the BPD or a printable application can be found and downloaded from the BPD webpage via the FORMS tab. From there click Forms/Fees and then you will see the list of forms available to print. (It's labeled: NH Resident Pistol Revolver License Mar2017)

A $10.00 fee must be paid when picking up your license. It will take approximately 14 days to process your application. You will need a picture ID (and/or proof of residency) when you pick up your license. No one else can obtain your license for you. When issued, the license will be valid for a period of not less than five years and may be renewed during the license holder’s birth month.
As of February, 2017, the license became voluntary for qualified persons to carry concealed within the State of New Hampshire with certain specific limitations. More details can be found here:Pistol Licenses page.

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1. How do I obtain a pistol/revolver license?
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