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Yard/Garage Sale License

  1. Per Bedford Town Ordinance 146, residents and businesses are allowed no more than two yard/garage sales per calendar year.  Those wishing to conduct a yard/garage sale, please fill out the form below.

  2. has been granted a license by the Town of Bedford to engage in the business of a yard/garage sale at:

  3. Rain date

    If a rain date is needed, please contact the Town Office at 603-792-1305 or 603-792-1301.

  4. This license expires on the day after the date of the yard/garage sale and may be revoked by the Town of Bedford at its discretion.

  5. This license is granted subject to the provisions and restrictions of the Ordinances of the Town of Bedford. It is granted subject to the surveillance of the police, and is issued and accepted without redress.

  6. Approved by: Richard Sawyer, Town Manager
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