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Fire/EMS Detail Request Form

  1. This form is used to request a detail of Fire and EMS personnel at your event or to request Bedford Fire Personnel to provide Fire Watch coverage during fire alarm/sprinkler system downtime. Fire/EMS details should be scheduled to begin a minimum of 30 minutes before the event start time and end at least 30 minutes after the event end time. Please contact Captain Tim Lavoie ( 603-792-1372) with any questions.
  2. Exposition type events require a minimum of (2) personnel. Fireworks details require a minimum of (2) personnel and a FD Forestry Truck. (The Bedford Fire Department reserves the right to require additional personnel to achieve a level of safety determined by the Fire Prevention Division).
  3. Event Information
  4. At least 30 minutes prior to Event Starts
  5. At least 30 minutes later than Event Ends
  6. For Multi-Day Events Enter Event Dates and Times Here
  7. $60.00 per hour (minimum of 3 hours)
  8. Rate Varies (
  9. Event Contact Information
  10. Event Billing Information (If Different than Contact Information)
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