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  1. Submit a Public Service Announcement
  1. Yard/Garage Sale License

    Per Bedford Town Ordinance 146, residents and businesses are allowed no more than two yard/garage sales per calendar year. Those... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire/EMS Detail Request Form

    This form is used to request a detail of Fire and EMS personnel at your event or to request Bedford Fire Personnel to provide Fire... More…

  2. Report a Violation/Concern

    This form is used for citizens to report possible code violations or unsafe operations to the Bedford Fire Department Fire Prevention... More…

  1. Occupancy Portal

    This electronic form is designed for building owners and/or property managers to provide the Bedford Fire Department with accurate... More…

  2. Request for Service

Health Department

  1. Health Complaint

    This form is to be used to report concerns regarding Restaurants and/or Septic Systems

  1. Request for Public Records

    Request for copies of permit records, building plans, plot plans, certificate of occupancies, septic plans or other building... More…